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 Bunbury, Australia
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Top Reviews in Bunbury, Australia:

Dolphin Retreat Bunbury Read all 4 full reviews for Dolphin Retreat Bunbury

14 Wellington Street
A really nice little Back packers ...
Thgey are some people who should never be allowed use common equipment in kitchen. ...
The overall satisfaction of the accommodation was good. The rooms were spacious and clean, has suffi ...

Wander Inn Bunbury Backpackers Read all 13 full reviews for Wander Inn Bunbury Backpackers

16 Clifton Street
Positive - Free parking, nice kitchen.  Negative: Office opens only at 4.00 pm, no free wifi (slow ...
I really enjoy my stay in this backpacker. The team and the hosts are nice and friendly. ...
Good location, easy to locate, near to beach, clean and cozy room. Experienced no electric during mi ...

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