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Gain more reservations with the IWB Booking Engine. Imagine a booking system on your website that is more affordable, yet more customizable, than any other reservation system designed for hotels, hostels, or B&Bs. Better yet, increase your profit margin with our 'best economics' guarantee. Compare with any other provider, check out our demos.

Booking engines for accommodation

Why choose Instant World Booking for your website's reservation engine?

Quite simply, Instant World Booking offers more customization for your website, flexibility with customer deposits and payments, and easier setup. And importantly, we can provide a cheaper solution than any competing provider. We guarantee it. We'll even install it for you if you don't have web support.

Online bookings for your hotel website

IWBmob is a new game-changing technology

Our new design, dubbed IWBmob, is a responsive design that offers users of mobile devices the best experience possible. This new design offers major benefits to your customers. For users of our new booking engine, the experience surpasses almost any modern booking site.

  • Leading edge mobile aesthetics
  • Ultra-responsive interface
  • Streamlined user experience

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How does IWBmob increase bookings?

More than 50% of commercially available booking engines don't work consistently across all device types. IWBmob does. We offer a mobile-first design, which means that your booking engine will respond flexibly to all types of computers and devices, with an emphasis on mobile users. After all, more than 25% of worldwide travel bookings are made on mobile devices. And, mobile bookings are increasing at a rate of 20% or more each year in many countries. With IWBmob, you have the confidence that you are maximizing reservations from all users.

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How your Booking Engine works

The IWB Booking Engine can be displayed on your website in one of two ways (or both). Either method is introduced with just a single line of code. You have full control over the location and appearance of your booking engine. With IWBmob, your booking engine will render perfectly on any device or screen size. You'll have total confidence that your customers can book quickly with you, before moving on to search elsewhere.

1. Simple Booking Button
2. Booking Widget

Check out our Booking Engine Demos

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Each demo represents a hotel homepage. These demos illustrate the power of a truly integrated booking engine on your website.

Demo #1
Demo #2

Power tip:  Select one of our innovative website designs for your own hotel website, or contact us about website design services.

'Best economics' guarantee

Only Instant World Booking offers a 'best economics' guarantee. This means that you can always be assured of receiving the best value from your Booking Engine. Our pricing is already at the industry low. But, if you are currently using or considering another service for your Booking Engine, let us know. We guarantee that we'll provide the same service (and usually better) at a lower price. If we can't match the competing offer, we'll give you our Booking Engine for free. Why not increase your profit margin today?


Flexible Pricing Options for every budget and service level

Instant World Booking specializes in developing custom booking engine solutions for our partners. We recognize that our hotel partners' needs, budgets, and sophistication vary widely. We can provide pricing personalized to your needs.

What you need to know

Personalized integration with your website

Your booking engine is fully customizable, and personalized to your website. Even cost is personalized with our many flexible options, down to zero cost options. We provide free setup and installation assistance.

Instant Bookings

Guests can book instantly from your website, maximizing your direct bookings, and the profitability of your website. Websites without online reservation capability can lose up to 85% of their visitors. These lost customers quickly move on to search for accommodation elsewhere.

Calendar management included

With our simple and intuitive interface, manage your prices, calendar availability, minimum stays, promotional discounts, seasonal rates, etc.

Full Protection for 'No-shows' (failure to arrive) and cancellations

Not available from other providers, this feature increases the security of your reservations with guaranteed deposit payments. Never worry again about late cancellations or guests that don't show up. This feature guarantees you will still be paid for these cancelled reservations.

Collect any deposit amount

Only Instant World Booking allows you to choose any deposit amount you wish to collect from your customers, up to 100%. Higher deposits increase the security of your reservations. And, credit cards are verified for every booking. Compare with other providers who limit deposits to 10%.

Convenient payment methods

If you choose instant collection of deposits upon confirmation, you want to receive your funds conveniently. We offer multiple payment methods that make it easier to receive your funds, in virtually any region of the world.

Multilingual and Multi-currency

To capture more reservations, you need to target a large and diverse customer base. Your booking engine includes multilingual and multi-currency capability. This allow customers to see prices and payments in their own currency, and confirm their reservation in their own language. This increases trust and reduces the possibility of confusion over costs.

Get a Facebook 'Book now' button

Facebook is very important for hotels and hostels. With over 2 billion active monthly users, and growing by 15-20% each year, it should be important to you also. Get a Facebook 'book now' button, and link it to your IWB Booking Engine. If you need help, we can even install it for you.

Keep your favorite third party services and software

Unlike some providers, Instant World Booking doesn't require you to use our front desk systems, channel manager, or other property management services. We just want you to increase profits and save money by using our booking engine. Instant World Booking works very well with third party systems. You may still use all your favorite services and providers.

No obligation

For all our booking engine options, there are no setup costs, no payments, and no obligation. Use it when you want.

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For over a decade, Instant World Booking has been helping hotels and hostels just like you, by increasing profit margins and saving money with a leading edge booking engine on their website. We've pulled out a few articles from our archives. Published in 2007, these articles serve as a testament to our longevity and commitment in serving our booking engine clients:

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